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Fixing and Warranty

Answering the assistance and warranty needs is part of our work, and since we take great care to create professional products capable of satisfying the most demanding requests, we bring ourselves into play with participation and a great sense of responsibility, in order to solve the smallest snags that might occur. We do this willingly and passionately, while respecting precise rules that are necessary to safeguard the rights of all the concerned parts:

What we recognize

  • We commit ourselves to recognize any manufacturing defect for two years, starting from the purchase moment. The date written on the document bears witness to the purchase (receipt or invoice) and must explicitly indicate the purchased product description.
  • Immediate and free replacement including all shipping costs (there and back – within the European boundaries) if the fault is detected within 15 days from the purchase date.
  • The warranty includes the free faulty products replacement.
  • The warranty includes the labour necessary for the faulty products replacement.
  • The warranty always includes the transport costs for the welder return.

What we do not recognize

  • We do not recognize for any reason the warranty on items without a document proving the purchase (receipt or invoice) or whose purchase document presents generic values or descriptions that cannot be directly traced back to our products.
  • The warranty does not include the costs to dispatch the welder to the technical support centre from the 16th day after the purchase.
  • The warranty does not include the fixing costs if the welder has been opened or tampered with by other people.
  • The warranty does not include the fixing costs if the welder shows clear impact evidences.
  • The warranty does not include the fixing costs if the welder has clear signs of wrong feeding.
  • Special cases subject to inspection
  • The warranty is recognized subject to confirmation and after specific evaluations on a case-by- case basis if the purchase date indicated on the receipt is 4 days higher than the machine production date. The latter is easily found from the first two figures composing the serial number SN, which is printed on the data plate of each machine.

And what if the machine is out of warranty?

When a machine is received by the assistance centre EPS, it is analysed in order to evaluate an average maximum cost, that is then notified to the customer. This is a completely free estimate in case the fixing is then authorised. Whereas should the notified cost not meet the customer’s interest, the analysis carried out on the machine will be paid (25.00 € + VAT). The return for items out of warranty upon fixing payment (or payment of the analysis only if the machine is not fixed) always implies that the transport costs are at consignee’s expense.

Do you think it impossible to manage the assistance from Italy?

Nowadays the transport times and costs within the European Community are similar to those of your countries, so that shipping a machine from your country to Italy costs a few Euros by the most known carriers, and even less by postal services. The service is fast, efficient and with the confidence that you will get a perfect fixing, the one that can be provided only by the manufacturer.

Every product that has been fixed at our assistance centre undergoes a test bench with on-load and off-load simulations, in order to verify its conformity to the safety regulations; then all the current and working values setting are restored and an actual final welding test is performed, together with the verification of all the working parameters.

WARNING! All technical interventions, as well as the possible warranty cases involving EPS products, are managed directly by the manufacturer. There are no recognized assistance centres and there is no external company officially being licensed to perform fixings or replacements, for which the manufacturer does not respond!

EPS products assistance centre:

Via delle Industrie 218/A
17012 Albissola Marina (SV)

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