In all models where present, the standby function allows considerable savings in energy consumption. The electronics makes it possible to equip our machines with a kind of artificial intelligence, which records when a machine is really welding (presence of a welding arc), and when the machine is on but not operating (absence of the arc). If for more than 30 seconds no welding is recorded, the machine automatically shuts off in a standby position, ready to be reactivated at the only touch of the electrode on a piece of metal.


All models produced from EPS are compatible for use with motor generators, the input circuit is dimensioned to tolerate the common variations of voltage typical of the power generators that can be found in the market, interrupting and automatically restoring the functioning of the machine when the values become to be dangerous, with a tolerance of ±15% on to the nominal values. For a higher and total protection beyond these values, should be referred to the only models equipped with  VOLTCONTROL.


In the same exact moment the electrode comes into contact with the metal surface to be welded, an impulse activates within a few thousandths of seconds a quick pre-heating of the electrode. This, together with an increase of the current to a value slightly higher than the preset, allows an easier start even for less experienced welders.


During welding, this function handles a continuous exchange of information in real time between the welding arc and the logic of the machine. This allows fine adjustments of the current, which depending from the distance between the electrode and the surface, help maintaining stable the arc and avoiding interruptions.


This control keeps track of the welding parameters and is able to recognize when the electrode is sticking. As an immediate reaction the logic of the machine reduces the current of a value slightly lower than the presetted.


All machines are protected against possible malfunctions caused by high  working temperatures. Several thermal switches are placed in strategic points of the machine and interrupt the operation of the machine at the reaching of critical values.


The inverter technology basing our systems allows an exact proportion between the consumption and the actual welding current being used. This, together with a careful reduction of heat losses, contributes to allow that our models consume in average around 40% less than traditional welding machines based on transformer technology.


All our machines are equipped with electronic fans operating automatically  and allowing the cooling of the components through forced air circulation

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