The Inverter is a voltage converter, which allows the use of very small transformers. Through an “internal control loop” the welding parameters remain unchanged, avoiding lack of fusion of the electrode and sparks of incandescent material. eps has concentrated a particular attention to energy saving, by planning systems, which, even if with the same performances, they reduce more than 40% of consumption, compared to the traditional welders.

In order to increase the reliability of the systems, all the printed circuit boards produced by eps and assembled on the systems of this catalogue are protected with a special insulating paint. This avoids the possibility of a short circuit for an accidental contact with metal powders, which are present in the workplace. All the systems are equipped with “hot start”, “anti-stick” and “arc force” electronic functions that constantly maintain the welding parameters, avoiding lack of fusion of the electrode and welding sparks. The particular engineering philosophy followed by eps (single board systems) reduces the number of the internal wirings, increasing the reliability of the electronic welders and allowing a rapid repair in case of technical assistance. All the systems are equipped with thermostatic protection, which stops the operation of the electronic welder in case of internal overheating.

All the systems can be used with feeding extensions. In order to avoid voltage decreases, that would prevent the operation of the electronic welder, the section of the extension cord must increase with the length of the cable itself. All the systems of eps range are designed for the use with generating sets.  It is necessary, for precautionary purpose, to bring the generating set in operating mode before connecting the electronic welder.

All our welding machines are built in accord with the European standards. Our organization and management systems are certified with quality standards, a tradition that started many years ago with the first certificates of the italian welding institute. The symbol CE, applied on all the systems, guarantees the compliance to the norms. The symbol S indicates it is possible to use the electronic welder in places with an elevated risk.

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