New production department.

New boards assembly with SMD robot automation.

produzione ibridi

Since always in eps we consider the internal production of boards and of all other components and accessories an indispensable aspect. Wirings, transformers, electric circuits of various sizes, all is produced internally. A very difficult and expensive activity, which over the years has enabled us to maintain our high standards of quality, and of wich we are very proud of.

Now one last important step was taken in completion of our uniqueness, we have started a new boards assembly through SMD robot automation control. An instrumentation that will allow us to produce internally even the smallest electrical printed circuits that we could not handle before, and we were forced to commission externally. We are thus more autonomous in quality management and production, all strictly designed and manufactured in Italy.


We internally verify the compliance of our machines to the highest standards, through intense checks of every detail, and by subjecting our machines to 3 quality controls performed during the production steps of every single machine:

1. First quality control

When every board comes out from the wave welding, it is submitted to a check in order to verify the perfect tightness of the welding and the right execution of the assembly

2. Second quality control

Specialized technicians provide to the calibration of the boards and to the test in static loading. The boards that present anomalies are excluded from the productive cycle.

3. Third quality control

Single final inspection: every eps inverter is tested in welding in order to verify its characteristics and functionality.

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