Volt Control®

scudo voltVOLT CONTROL ®. The Total Protection.

The changes in the input voltage are among the most important risk factors for electronic components. eps research has led to the realization of VOLTCONTROL®, a device for the management, safety protection and automatic reset of input voltages.

grafico volt 1

When the supply voltage accidentally rises, thus exceeding the tolerance of the components, the traditional inverters risk breaking. On the contrary, VOLTCONTROL® allows normal working till 280V input voltage and, if this threshold is exceeded, it intervenes by switching off the inverter. When the voltage is again lower than 280V, VOLTCONTROL® automatically  reactivates the plant.

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When using a motor generator, the changes in voltage, even very significant, are frequent and especially with old-generation motor generators, they can exceed the design ranges of the machines, thus risking the inverter. Once 280V input voltage is exceeded, VOLTCONTROL® intervenes by interrupting the supply and reconnecting the plant automatically when the input voltage is again lower than this threshold.

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Some electronic components used in inverters are at risk even when the supply voltage gets lower than a certain threshold. When the voltage gets lower than 180V, VOLTCONTROL® protects the plant by stopping the operation and reactivating it automatically when the supply conditions are brought back to normal.


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