The Inverter is a voltage converter that allows the use of very small transformers. By means of an 'internal control loop', the welding parameters are kept unchanged, preventing sticking of the electrode and spattering of incandescent material.

EPS has paid special attention to energy savings by designing systems that, for the same performance, reduce consumption by more than 40% compared to conventional welding machines.

In order to increase the reliability of the systems, all electronic boards manufactured by eps and mounted on the systems are coated with ecoisol: this prevents the possibility of a short circuit due to accidental contact with metal dust present in the working environment. All systems are equipped with electronic "hot start", "anti-stick" and "arc force" devices that keep welding parameters constant by preventing electrode sticking and welding spatter. The special design philosophy followed by eps (single-board plants) reduces the number of internal wiring, thus increasing the reliability of the electronic welding machines and allowing rapid intervention in the event of technical assistance.

All systems are equipped with thermostatic protection that interrupts the operation of the electronic welding machine in the event of internal overheating.

All systems can be used with power extension cables. In order not to cause voltage drops that would prevent the operation of the electronic welder, the cross-section of the extension cable must increase with the length of the cable itself. All eps welders are designed for use with generator sets.

It is necessary, as a precautionary measure, to bring the genset up to speed before connecting the electronic welder to it. All our systems comply with European standards.

Our work and organisation are recognised by quality certificates, a tradition in compliance with standards that began many years ago with the first certificates from the National Institute of Welding. The CE symbol, affixed to all equipment, guarantees compliance with regulations. The S symbol indicates that the electronic welding machine can be used in increased risk environments.