Repairs and Warranty

Responding to assistance and warranty cases is part of our job and considering the commitment we put into creating professional products capable of satisfying the most demanding requests, it is with participation and a sincere sense of responsibility that we put ourselves into play to solve the little ones. road accidents that can sometimes occur. We do it willingly and with passion, but in compliance with very specific rules, necessary for everything to happen to protect the rights of all the parties involved:

What we recognize

  • We undertake to recognize any manufacturing defect for two years from the time of purchase. The date stamped on the document proving the purchase (receipt or invoice) which must explicitly report the description of the product purchased is authentic.
  • Immediate and free replacement including all transport costs (round trip within European borders) if the defect is found within 15 days from the date of purchase
  • The warranty includes free replacement of defective components
  • The warranty includes the labor required to replace the defective components
  • The guarantee always includes the transport costs for returning the welding machine

What we don't recognize

  • The warranty is not recognized for any reason on items without a document proving the purchase (receipt or invoice) or with a purchase document showing values or generic descriptions not explicitly attributable to our products
  • The warranty does not include the costs of sending the welding machine to the service center starting from the 16th day following the purchase
  • The warranty does not include repair costs if the welding machine has been opened or tampered with by others
  • The warranty does not include repair costs if the welding machine shows obvious signs of impact
  • The warranty does not include repair costs if the welding machine shows evident signs of incorrect power supply

Special cases subject to inspection

The warranty is recognized with reserve and following specific evaluations on a case-by-case basis if the purchase date shown on the receipt is 4 years higher than the machine production date. The latter is easily obtained from the first two digits that make up the serial number SN, printed on the data plate of each machine.

And if the machine is out of warranty, what happens?

Once each machine is received at the EPS assistance center, it is analyzed to establish an idea of maximum expense, which is communicated to the customer. A completely free estimate if you then authorize to proceed with the repair. If, on the other hand, the communicated cost does not meet the customer's interest, then the analysis performed to provide the quote is paid (25 euros + VAT). The return of the goods out of warranty, upon payment of the repair (or only the cost of analysis if not repaired) is always with transport at the recipient's expense.

Each product repaired by our service center is tested on a test bench with load and no-load simulations, its compliance with safety standards is verified, the calibrations of all current and operating values are restored, to then conclude with a test of effective welding and verification of all working parameters. 

ATTENTION! All technical interventions as well as any warranty cases involving eps products are managed directly by the manufacturer. There are no recognized service centers and no external company is officially authorized to carry out repairs or replacements, for which the manufacturer categorically does not respond!

EPS Product Support Center:

Via delle Industrie 228/A
17012 Albissola Marina (SV)

Tel 3516149160