New production department.

New robotized SMD board assembly plant.

At eps we have always made in-house production of boards and all components and accessories a must. Wiring, transformers, electrical circuits of various sizes, everything is produced in-house. A very demanding and costly activity, which has allowed us over the years to maintain our very high quality standards, something of which we are very proud.

Now a final important step has been taken to complete our uniqueness: we have inaugurated our new robotic SMD board assembly plant, a piece of equipment that will allow us to produce in-house even the small printed circuit boards that we were previously unable to handle, and were forced to commission externally. We are thus even more autonomous in quality and product management, all rigorously designed and manufactured in Italy.


We test the compliance of our machines with the strictest standards in-house with detailed checks of every part and 3 conformity checks carried out during the production phase of each machine:

1. First quality control

On leaving the wave soldering machine, each board undergoes a check to ensure that the soldering is perfect and the assembly correctly executed.

2. Second quality control

Specialised technicians calibrate the boards and test them under static load, excluding boards with anomalies from the production cycle.

3. Third quality control

Individual final testing: each eps inverter is tested in soldering to verify features and functionality.