Volt Control®

VOLT CONTROL® Total protection.

Input voltage fluctuations are among the main risk factors for electronic components. eps research has led to the realisation of VOLTCONTROL® a device for managing, securing and automatically resetting input voltages.

When the supply voltage accidentally rises above the tolerance of the components, conventional inverters are at risk of breaking down. VOLTCONTROL®, on the other hand, allows normal operation up to 280V input voltage and, once this threshold is exceeded, intervenes by switching off the inverter. When the voltage returns below 280V, VOLTCONTROL® automatically reactivates the system.

When using a motogenerator, voltage fluctuations, even of considerable amplitude, are frequent and, especially with older-generation motogenerators, such that they exceed the design ranges of the systems, putting the inverter at risk. VOLTCONTROL®When the input voltage exceeds 280V, it intervenes by interrupting the power supply and automatically reconnecting the system when the input voltage returns below this threshold.

Certain electronic components used in inverters are also at risk when the supply voltage drops below a certain threshold. VOLTCONTROL®, when the voltage drops below 180V it puts the system into protection, interrupting operation and automatically reactivating it when power conditions normalise.

If, by mistake, the 230V supply voltage system is connected to 400V, VOLTCONTROL®, after checking the input voltage, denies start consent and the machine remains switched off.

VOLTCONTROL® technology is now exclusively applied in the three models of our Defender line: DEFENDER 160, DEFENDER 180 and DEFENDER 200

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